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Protective Literature Bags for Magazines - Set of 10

Item # LPM

Resealable poly bags made specifically to protect magazines and brochures. Each bag can hold up to 10 16-page magazines, 160 tracts or 1 book of up to 256 pages. The resealable feature means the bags can be used multiple times.

Keep literature protected while safely delivering to publishers. Since our brothers and sisters cannot receive literature at the Kingdom Hall, delivering literature to their homes has become an essential need. These bags keep literature protected from wind and weather when left at the homes of our fellow publishers. Please note: Since our public ministry has been suspended, this product should not be used for delivering literature to the public.

When used in a literature cart, these bags protect literature from damage due to wind and humidity. The intended use is to protect the literature stored in the cart behind an unprotected copy which is available to the public. When the unprotected copy is taken, another copy may be removed from its bag and placed in front of the other protected literature. Size: 7-1/2" W x 9-1/4" H.

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