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Harvest Ministry Assistant App

Item # HRVST

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Harvest is a record keeping app for Jehovah's Witnesses and their ministry. Full-featured, intuitive, and easy to use.

Simple, Easy Interface
Every effort was made to make the user interface simple and intuitive. Most actions are accomplished with just a few taps. All data is entered or access from just two tabs--Dashboard or Householders.

Monthly and Yearly Goals
Set an hour goal for the month and see your progress on the Dashboard. When an annual hour goal is set for full-time servants, progress for the year is viewed on the History screen.

Easy Month Planning
Tap on a calendar date and set the number of hours planned for the ministry that day. Total planned hours for the month can be automatically set as your monthly goal.

Householder Record Keeping
Keep track of everything you need to know about a householder. Quickly locate any householder by name, street or city. Call, text or email a householder right from the Harvest app. Householder information and return visits can easily be shared with others using the export feature.

GPS Functionality (internet connection required)
Quickly get directions to any householder. With a single tap, view all householders on a map in relation to your current location.

Return Visit Record Keeping
Easily add return visits to a householder. Each return visit can include various types of placements such as literature, video showings, contact cards, and website articles. Separate notes fields allows you to record what was discussed on the visit and what will be discussed on the next visit.

Full Statistic Tracking
Total hours, placements, video shows, return visits and Bible studies for the day can be viewed by simply tapping a calendar date. Field activity for the month is viewed with a single tap of the List icon on the Dashboard. Monthly field activity can sent via text or email.

iCloud Sync
Have multiple devices with the same iCloud account? Want to know your data is safe if you lose or damage your device? iCloud syncing allows both!


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