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Is everyone at Madzay Color Graphics one of Jehovah's Witnesses?
Yes, everyone at Madzay Color Graphics is one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Please see the ABOUT page for further information.

Why is the shipping schedule during the months of September-February so long?
We begin receiving preorders for annual items such as calendars and bookmarks in September.  However, the yeartext, Bible reading and Theocratic Ministry School schedules are not released until the beginning of October.  Once this information is available, we may go into production. This results in approximately a six week shipping delay.  We work very hard to ship as many orders as possible each day during this busy time and appreciate our customer’s patience and understanding.

Why are the books, magazines and tracts displayed in images of our products concealed or substituted with colored paper?
The United States Branch has requested that publications which include copyrighted artwork on the cover not be displayed in conjunction with commercial products. We have never included unobstructed pictures of publications in the images of our products and we will continue to cooperate with this reasonable request.

Can I place an order over the telephone?
We are sorry, but we are unable to accept telephone orders, since this would significantly increase our processing time.  It is our goal to provide the fastest service possible.  The most efficient way to place an order is through our online store.

Can I place an order by e-mail?
Because e-mail is not secure, we do not accept e-mail orders. However, our online store is a secure and safe medium for transferring personal information such as credit card account numbers.

At what point is my credit card authorized and funds captured?
Credit cards are charged at the time of shipment. Please make sure sufficient funds are available while your order is being processed so there are no delays in shipping your order.   Orders sent to us by mail or fax will be pre-authorized once they have been entered into our system.

Does Madzay Color Graphics ship to foreign countries?
Yes. Orders must be placed through our website. Shipping rates will automatically be calculated based on the weight of the items ordered and their destination.

Do you offer express processing of my order?
As a general policy, we are unable to place an order ahead of those who have ordered before you unless there are special circumstances that need to be considered. Please contact us at (330) 273-9068 if you feel you have special circumstances.

Can I change or add to my order after it is submitted?
Since it can be difficult and time consuming to make adjustments to orders once they have been submitted, we kindly request that all orders be considered complete before finalization.  If there are special circumstances that need to be considered, please contact us at (330) 273-9068 with your order number.

Can I exchange an item I ordered in error?
If the item is in new, resale-able condition, you may exchange the item(s) within 30 days of receipt of your order. Additional shipping charges for the exchanged items will apply.  Please contact us before returning any items for an exchange.

Does anyone on your staff speak Spanish?
Although we carry Spanish products, our office staff is not able to communicate in Spanish. When contacting us, please have someone who speaks English write or call in your behalf.

Does Madzay Color Graphics offer bookbinding or engraving?
We do not provide these services. However, you may wish to visit Don Tibbles Book Binding at www.dontibbles.com for your bookbinding needs.

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