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  • Letter Writing Kit - Black Mt 24:14

    Item # LWK3
    NEW! A convenient kit of letter writing supplies. The decorative folder has a matte coating and is made of durable 16pt cardstock. It has 2 six inch deep pockets which contain 24 envelopes and 30 sheets...View More
    $8.00 USD
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  • Wedding Card-Eccl 4:9

    Item # W10
    NEW! FRONT: "Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their hard work." Ecclesiastes 4:9 INSIDE: May Jehovah bless your marriage with peace and tranquility. An attractive...View More
    $1.95 USD
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  • Encouragement Card - Jer 17:7, 8

    Item # EN56
    NEW! FRONT: Don't give up!. INSIDE: 'Blessed is the man who puts his trust in Jehovah. He will become like a tree planted by the waters. His leaves will always flourish and he will not be anxious....View More
    $1.95 USD
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  • Get Well/Friendship Card-2Ti 1:4

    Item # F14
    NEW! FRONT: Missing you while we are apart INSIDE: "I am longing to see you, so that I may get filled with joy."-2 Timothy 1:4. An attractive embossed white border nicely frames the high-gloss...View More
    $1.95 USD
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  • Get Well Card-Ps 41:3

    Item # GW30
    NEW! FRONT: So sorry you haven't been feeling well! INSIDE: Please find comfort and rest assured, 'Jehovah will sustain you ... during your sickness.' Psalm41:3. An attractive embossed white...View More
    $1.95 USD
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  • Sympathy Card-Joh 5:28, 29

    Item # S24
    NEW! FRONT: A hope that brings us comfort ... INSIDE: Tho' our friend is now asleep, In our hope we have no doubt, Those in the memorial tombs, Will hear his voice and come out! (Based on John 5:28,...View More
    $1.95 USD
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  • Journal for Personal Encouragement

    Item # JPE2
    NEW! A handy journal for recording favorite scriptures and reasons to be grateful. The journal is like two books in one. One side of the journal is titled "Scriptures I Treasure" with the scripture: "In...View More
    $3.75 USD

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