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For 2020

For 2020

See our calendars, bookmarks, notebooks, pens and yeartext framing print here.
  • 2020 Yeartext Wall Calendar

    Item # WC20
    NEW! Now with darker numbers and lines and larger day number. An attractive, full-color wall calendar featuring 12 beautiful seasonal photos —one for each month. The large date boxes...View More
    $8.50 USD
  • 2020 Pocket Calendar

    Item # PC20
    NEW! An attractive, full-color calendar and organizer. Each month includes a seasonal photo followed by a field service record page. To the left of the field service record page is a large area for...View More
    $3.95 USD
  • Address Book for Pocket Calendar

    Item # AB
    Fits into the vinyl cover provided with the calendar so it can be transferred to future calendars. Twenty-four pages. Size: 3-7/8"x 7".View More
    $2.00 USD
  • 2020 Notebook

    Item # NB20
    NEW! At the top of each narrow-ruled page are event check boxes of "Meeting," "JW Broadcasting," "Assembly," and "Convention" and lines to record the talk title, date, and speaker's name. The inside...View More
    $3.95 USD
  • Self-Adhesive Notebook Pocket

    Item # NBP
    This clear self-adhesive vinyl pocket can hold programs or Ministry School assignment slips. Shown here on the inside back cover of our notebook. Size: 4-9/16"x 4-3/4".View More
    $1.50 USD
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  • 2020 Children's Notebook

    Item # CNB20
    NEW! COMPLETELY REDESIGNED FOR 2020! Treasure and preserve your child's spiritual memories and notes over the course of the year. Your child can use the spaces on the inside front cover for their...View More
    $3.95 USD
  • 2020 Magnetic Bible Reading Bookmark

    Item # BRM20
    NEW! Featuring the 2020 yeartext on the front and weekly Bible reading inside, this bookmark folds in half over the top edge of the page and is held securely in place by magnets. Sold individually....View More
    $2.00 USD
  • 2020 Bible Reading Bookmark Set

    Item # BR20
    NEW! Features the 2020 yeartext on the front and weekly Bible reading schedule on the back. Set of ten-two each of five. Size: 2 1/4"x 6 1/2".View More
    $4.00 USD
  • 2020 Yeartext Print (English/Spanish)

    Item # 3Y20
    NEW! Our 8" x 36" yeartext framing print provides an attractive way to display the 2020 yeartext. English is printed on one side and Spanish on the other. A BRIEF HISTORY OF OUR YEARTEXT FRAMING...View More
    $7.50 USD
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  • Quantity Discounts! Magnetic Name Badge Card Holder

    Item # LCH
    Clear plastic name badge card holder which attaches to clothing with a strong magnet. No pins or metal clips to damage clothing. Caution: Magnets may pose a serious risk for patients with...View More
    $3.50 USD
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