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For Home

For Home

  • Bethink™ 2.0 Board Game

    Item # BGM
    NEW! Updated game based on customer feedback. Now with more song and witnessing scenario sapces. A fun board game for teams or a family. Participate in a variety of Bible based group activities that...View More
    $35.00 USD
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  • Noah's Ark Puzzle for Children - 100 Pieces

    Item # PZ10
    NEW! 100 piece puzzle for children showing animals after leaving the ark after the flood. Size: 7-1/8" x 8-5/8".View More
    $12.50 $10.50 USD
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  • Rejoice in the Hope Puzzle - 513 Pieces

    Item # PZ9
    NEW! Compare at $25-$35 elsewhere. Beautiful 513 piece puzzle featuring the text "Rejoice in the hope." from Romans 12:12. Size: 21-1/4" x 15".View More
    $17.50 $15.50 USD
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  • For I am Convinced Puzzle - 616 Pieces

    Item # PZ8
    NEW! Compare at $25-$40 elsewhere. Large, beautiful 616 piece panoramic puzzle featuring Romans 8:38, 39. Size: 12" x 36".View More
    $19.50 $17.50 USD
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  • 2 or more 50% off! 2018 Yeartext Wall Calendar

    Item # WC18
    An attractive, full-color wall calendar featuring 12 beautiful seasonal photos —one for each month. The large date boxes provide plenty of room for recording personal or family events....View More
    No Further Discounts Apply
    $7.50 USD
  • Periodical Binder

    Item # KMB
    NEW! Great for Kingdom Hall or personal libraries. Create your own custom binder to archive and protect various 7" x 9" articles published by Jehovah's Witnesses. This specially designed charcoal gray...View More
    $25.00 USD
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  • Quantity Discounts! Stylus Twist Pen-Heb 13:6

    Item # PNST
    NEW! High quality stainless steel twist stylus pen. Silky smooth operation, Laser engraved with "Jehovah is my helper" Heb 13:6. Black ink.View More
    $9.95 USD
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  • Stylus Twist Pen Refill Cartridge

    Item # PNST-RFL
    Refill cartridge for our stainless steel Stylus Twist Pen. Black ink.View More
    $2.00 USD
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  • Jesus, the Way, Truth, Life Magnetic Bookmark

    Item # CBS1
    NEW! Mark your place in the Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life book. Folds over the top of the page and is held securely in place by magnets. Size: 3" x 2".View More
    $2.00 USD
  • Lessons from the Bible Magnetic Bookmark

    Item # CBM1
    NEW! Mark your place in the Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible book. Folds over the top of the page and is held securely in place by magnets. Size: 3" x 2".View More
    $2.00 USD
  • Brooklyn, New York Framing Print

    Item # FP10
    Decorate your office or other room with this high-quality framing print of the Brooklyn, New York skyline at night featuring the bright red Watchtower sign. Size: 20"x16".View More
    $12.50 USD
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  • The Fruitage of the Spirit Framing Print

    Item # FP11
    Help young ones learn the fruitage of the spirit with this high-quality framing print showing each aspect of the fruitage of the spirit in the leaves of a tree. A nice addition to a child's room....View More
    $12.50 USD
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  • Box for Bible Characters

    Item # BCB
    BOX ONLY. CARDS NOT INCLUDED A convenient box for storing Bible Character Cards printed from jw.org. The box will hold approximately 60 cards. Please note: Cards must be printed at actual size...View More
    $2.50 USD