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  • Study Portfolio-Charcoal Gray

       SAVE $7.25!    Study Portfolio-Charcoal Gray

    Item #: SF

    A portfolio designed to hold one Kingdom Ministry and one Watchtower with two elastic cords, allowing easy access to all pages. The cover is constructed of durable expanded supported vinyl which has a soft leather-like texture providing a firm surface for marking during study and protects the articles inside during transport. The inside front and back covers feature two horizontal pockets.... View more

    $14.50 $7.25
    List Price: $14.50
    Save: $7.25
    Price: $7.25
  • 2015 Magnetic Bible Reading Bookmark

       SAVE $1.00 DURING MARCH!    2015 Magnetic Bible Reading Bookmark

    Item #: BRM15

    Featuring the 2015 yeartext on the front and weekly Bible reading inside, this bookmark folds in half over the top edge of the page and is held securely in place by magnets. Sold individually. Folds to 2"x 5". View more

    Price: $1.00
  • 2015 Pocket Calendar

       SAVE $2.50 DURING MARCH!    2015 Pocket Calendar

    Item #: PC15

    An attractive, full-color calendar and organizer. Each month includes a seasonal picture and is followed by a field service record page for easy access to both pages. To the left of the field service record page is a full page for notes which may be used for recording activity in other theocratic assignments or scheduling family worship. An area for recording special events such as circuit... View more

    Price: $1.25
  • 2015 Notebook

       SAVE $1.95 DURING MARCH!    2015 Notebook

    Item #: NB15

    At the top of each narrow-ruled page are event check boxes of "Meeting," "Assembly," and "Convention" and lines to record the talk title, date and speaker’s name. The inside front cover includes spaces to record the themes of assemblies and conventions along with spaces to record the number baptized at each event. Approximately 80 sheets. Size: 5 1/2"x 7 5/16". View more

    Price: $2.00
  • 2015 Yeartext Print (English/Spanish)

       SAVE $3.25 DURING MARCH!    2015 Yeartext Print (English/Spanish)

    Item #: 3Y15

    Our 8" x 36" yeartext framing print is an attractive way to be reminded of the yeartext and decorate a room at the same time. The yeartext for 2015 is printed on both sides–English one side and Spanish on the other. A BRIEF HISTORY OF OUR YEARTEXT FRAMING PRINTS When John Madzay started Madzay Printing (now Madzay Color Graphics) in 1946, satin yeartext banners for Kingdom Halls were one... View more

    $6.50 $3.25
    List Price: $6.50
    Save: $3.25
    Price: $3.25
  • Two-Pocket Tract Holder

       25% OFF DURING MARCH!    Two-Pocket Tract Holder

    Item #: TH1

    Designed for new 3-1/2"x9" tracts! A clear vinyl folder to hold up to 40 tracts. Handy for carrying tracts in a purse, pocket or bookbag. Size: 4"x9-1/2" folded. View more

    $2.00 $1.50
    List Price: $2.00
    Save: $0.50
    Price: $1.50
  • Six-Pocket Tract Holder

       SAVE $2.00 DURING MARCH!    Six-Pocket Tract Holder

    Item #: TH4

    A clear vinyl organizer to hold and protect up to 90 3-1/2"x9" tracts-15 each in six pockets. With two groups of tracts in each pocket, this organizer can hold 12 different tracts. The fold-over flap protects the exposed edges of the tracts from the elements or damage while in a book bag or purse. Constructed of high-quality, 12 gauge vinyl. Size: 4-1/4"x9-3/8" folded. View more

    $6.50 $4.50
    List Price: $6.50
    Save: $2.00
    Price: $4.50
  • Magazine and Tract Holder

       SAVE $1.50 DURING MARCH!    Magazine and Tract Holder

    Item #: MT3

    This convenient vinyl holder is a great way to hold and protect magazines, brochures and tracts whether used by itself or in a book bag. The four tract pockets hold up to 10 3 1/2" x 9" tracts each. The two large pockets hold up to 16 magazines or eight brochures. Constructed of high-quality, clear, 12 gauge vinyl. Size: 9 5/8"x 7 3/4" folded. View more

    $6.50 $5.00
    List Price: $6.50
    Save: $1.50
    Price: $5.00
  • Narrow Is the Gate Puzzle

       SAVE $6.00 DURING MARCH!    Narrow Is the Gate Puzzle

    Item #: PZ5

    A 513 piece puzzle depicting a narrow pathway in autumn imprinted with the scripture, "Narrow is the gate ... leading off into life and few are the ones find- ing it.-"Matthew 7:14. Size: 21-1/4"x15". View more

    $12.00 $6.00
    List Price: $12.00
    Save: $6.00
    Price: $6.00