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Products in this category include items such as general bookmarks, quiz books, Bible scripture flash cards and coloring books.

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  • Kingdom Ministry Binder

    Kingdom Ministry Binder

    Item #: KMB

    This custom-size three-ring binder holds Kingdom Ministrys in 36 top-loading polypropylene sheet protectors. The spine is imprinted with "Our Kingdom Ministry" and includes a clear label holder to display a card showing three years. Custom-size top-loading sheet protectors closely fit Kingdom Ministrys. A sheet of perforated year cards for the label holder on the spine is included. Size:... View more

  • Narrow Is the Gate Puzzle

    Narrow Is the Gate Puzzle

    Item #: PZ5

    A 513 piece puzzle depicting a narrow pathway in autumn imprinted with the scripture, "Narrow is the gate ... leading off into life and few are the ones find- ing it.-"Matthew 7:14. Size: 21-1/4"x15". View more

  • Paradise Framing Print

    Paradise Framing Print

    Item #: PAR

    A paradise scene depicting Jesus on his throne in heaven and a young boy with a lion. Size: 24 1/2" x 26 1/2". View more

  • Who Is It? Quiz Book

    Who Is It? Quiz Book

    Item #: WII

    Identify 200 Bible characters with over 1,500 clues and scripture references. Answers in the back of the book. Seventy-two pages. Size: 5"x7". View more

  • Refrigerator Pad-Isa 32:18

       ON SALE!    Refrigerator Pad-Isa 32:18

    Item #: GLP1

    A pad of approximately 50 sheets imprinted with a garden scene and Isaiah 32:18. The magnet on the back allows the pad to be attached to a refrigerator or other metal surface. Size: 3 1/2"x 9 1/2". View more

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  • My Box of Bible Characters

    My Box of Bible Characters

    Item #: BCB

    Box only. Cards not included. A convenient box for storing Bible Character Cards printed from The box will hold approximately 60 cards. Please note: Cards must be printed at actual size (3-3/8"x 4-1/8" when folded) to fit properly. Box size: 4-3/8"x3-1/2"x1-1/4". View more

    Price: $2.50
  • Bible Character Coloring Book

    Bible Character Coloring Book

    Item #: COL

    Forty-eight scenes of characters from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. Size: 9" x 12". View more